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Pictures are worth a thousand words. After being in business since 1996, we have found that no matter how well we try to write our User Guides, customers don’t like to read them.  The purpose of this site is to show customer how to make the most of all the features we pack into our software, without having them have to read a word. 

An older TestMaker 5.0 demo.  This videos shows some for the basic features of Knightlite’s new Code III version of TestMaker 5.0    Click Here To Play

Introduction To the Code III version of Signal 18 EMT-Basic Study Helper Version 4.0.  All the new Code II versions work the same as this software.

Click Here To Play

A promotional video tutorial showing how to use Knightlite’s new Code III version of Essentials of Fire Fighting Study Helper Version 5.0.  Click Here To Play.

Creating A New Chapter - Shows you how to quickly add a new chapter to the software.  TestMaker can create an unlimited number of chapters.
Changing Interface Skin - Knightlite TestMaker comes with 15 different skins.  This video shows you how to change them.
Creating Random Test From Multiple Chapters - Its easy to create a random test from multiple chapters.  It takes just a few seconds.  Learn how to save your random test as a “Clone” so you can print it out later.
Adding New Questions To An Existing Chapters -  This video show you how to add new questions to an existing chapter and how to use the Notes Palette and Teach Mode to add additional information to your question.
Creating A Custom Test - This video shows you how to use TestMaker to create a custom test where you can pick and choose questions from an existing chapter.  Built into TestMaker 5.0.  TestMaker Upgrade Module can be purchased for all of our EMS and Fire Fighting Software for $19.95.
Using Question and Elephant Memory - This shows you how to use the software to pinpoint your weak areas.  The software keeps track of the questions you incorrectly answer, and displays them right of the Table of Contents page.  A great feature for those using Knightlite Software for study purposes.
 How To Print Tests - This video shows you how to print tests.  You can print out tests in a variety of ways complete with answer sheets and answer sheet correction keys

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All Knightlite Study Helper Software And TestMaker 5.0

TestMaker 5.0 And Study Helper Software With TestMaker Upgrade Module Installed:

Cloning A Test - This video shows you how to clone your session.  It allows you to save your session complete with score, so you can return later and begin where you left off.  The cloning feature also allows you to create a randomize copy of one of your chapters to use in a classroom situation.
Copy, Merge, Rename, and Delete Chapters - This video shows you how to manipulate chapters as a whole.  You can copy questions from one chapter to another.  You can merge the questions from one chapter to another, rename a chapter, and delete chapters.,_Merge,_Rename,_and_Delete_Chapters.html
TestMaker 5.0 & Study Helper Software -  This video show you Many of the features found in Knightlite TestMaker 5.0 and many of the Knightlite EMS and Fire software applications.